lesbians everywhere

Jul 26

Anonymous said: that anon is an abomination.

no need to get super tilted about it lol

jorgetree said: Being gay is good and you're a cool person

you’re also really cute c:

Anonymous said: being gay is wrong and your an abomination

you’re really cute c:

longthickmilkdick said: Dude! Your story concept sounds RAD! I hope I get to read it; as a sci-fi author myself, I'm always on the lookout for good sci-fi stuff to get ideas and concepts. My work looks a lot like mass effect at the moment because of current sci-fi trends, and I need to iron that out.

yeah! I like mass effect story, so it doesn’t sound too bad

since I’m an engineer for the navy and I really like space and stuff, I felt like I could put an interesting spin on the whole space opera genre since I actually have an idea about how that stuff actually goes down


twigileia said: Friendly reminder you are a precious cutie ~


Anonymous said: you had a big attitude change since your brony music days...I remember you used to be really angry and mean, but now you seem like a nice guy, what happened?

well I realized that when I was angry and mean all the time I felt really bad, so I decided to not do that and try to be nice to people

it’s working for me so far; I feel a lot better

Anonymous said: not trying to be rude or anything, but i thought you can only be gay or straight? i know that some people say bisexual or pansexual or whatever and i don't really understand, can you help?


I used to be the same way, because I had been brought up thinking that there were only two things you could be. Neither was wrong, gay or straight, but there were only two ways to be.

Since then I’ve had time to reflect on things and I’ve realized that these labels can be misleading and dumb. Labels are lazy and don’t paint a whole picture. I’m not saying that if you meet all the exact criteria for being labeled as something (in this case, gay or straight) that it’s a bad thing, but many people, myself included, don’t really fall into neat little categories.

People are people. We’re all different.

For me, personally, I have stopped caring what gender the person I fall in love with is. Historically it has been mostly men, but there have been a few girls in there too, so at this point I think it’s a waste of time to agonize over labels like that.

I hope this answered your question, but if not feel free to ask again

Anonymous said: Care to tell us about your story? Is it original or fan fiction? Action? Adventure? Drama? XXX? Etc...

it’s an original story

I wanna write a sci-fi space thing. think like Star Trek but told from the eyes of the engineers who have to fix the ship in the midst of a battle with the enemy fleet. harrowing shit like fires, compartment depressurization, potential reactor meltdown…yeah

Jul 25