lesbians everywhere

Sep 30

Anonymous said: Are you still doing the petrified remix


Anonymous said: are you real H8_Seed

yes I am him he is me

Anonymous said: How does one join this bromosexual clan?

suck a dick, idfk

Sep 21

Anonymous said: You don't suck, if anything I, the friendly neighborhood homosexual, suck.

friend I am also one of the noble clan of bromosexuals

Anonymous said: Lets assume, for one second, that you really are as horrible as you think you are. Why are you so horrible? What do you do that deserves such hatred and disgust? What sins have you commited that we must shun you forever? What makes you such a bad person?

you’re taking my response entirely too seriously

Sep 20

Anonymous said: Why do you hate yourself so much?

because I suck

does that answer your question

Sep 19

Anonymous said: Question: How would you feel if I invented a device to replicate your exact voice using only an electronically synthesized one?

this is a fucking weird question and I’m not in the mood to answer

Sep 17

watching sword art online

my god it’s like a moe overload

Sep 16

I’m really tired of interacting with people

I want to just take a week and be alone to do nothing

Just recharge, you know