lesbians everywhere

Oct 19


h8seed replied to your post: Straight boys

aces are in the corner playing diablo and watching anime

All of them or is it just us

all of them silly, who doesn’t like Diablo and anime?

Oct 17

Anonymous said: My uncle was on a submarine as well. What made you decide to volunteer to go on a submarine?


I think it’s something about defending my country in a giant underwater doom-dildo that gives me a warm feeling inside

Oct 16

wowthisusernameisstupid said: What do you do for a living at the moment?

I’m in the navy

I actually just got orders to a submarine

Anonymous said: It's a possible side effect of depression to become less interested in sex -- that's also a possibility. But of course, sexuality is fluid and ever-changing for a lot of people. I say what's important is doing what makes you happy.

what makes me happy is fuckin cute lil anime bitches runnin around bein all happy and shit

alycs said: Yes, as an ace myself, becoming asexual is a thing that happens. Many people that are ace used to identify as something else, but just generally lost interest in sexual attraction as time went on and "Became" asexual. Its pretty normal actually.

fuckin neato

there goes that entire chapter of self-discovery haha

Anonymous said: wait are you still gay? don't really understand how this whole thing works, sorry

honestly I do not care

it’s way easier to tell people “gay” than get into a discussion on how I feel about romance / sex / people in general so most of the time I just go with that

I have had more boyfriends than girlfriends (of which there was only one) but if I met some bomb ass chick who’s cute and funny and likes me for me, I’m not gonna limit myself emotionally with a label like “gay” for anybody else’s sake

not that I give half a shit about labeling myself, but over time I’m becoming less and less interested in sex. is “becoming asexual” a thing that happens to people?

Oct 14

sometimes people ask me about my political views, like they want to debate me or have me validate their opinion

shit motherfucker, I ain’t got time for all that noise, I have bills to pay and anime to watch

Oct 13

are you ever so dorky that you give yourself a heart attack?

I was just sitting here watching nichijou, arms folded, minding my own motherfucking business, and I felt something brush past my elbow

after falling out of my chair, I looked to see that what freaked me the fuck out was my own fucking hand

this is the third time this has happened today